Installation, site specificity, gardens and expanded architecture

December 17th, 2011

KUNO Intensive Course
Installation, site specificity, gardens and expanded architecture.
Workshop/seminar by Alejandra Salinas and Aeron Bergman.

Funded by Nordplus programme and KUNO network.

Partner academies: Malmö Art Academy (Sweden), The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (Denmark), Oslo National Academy of the Arts (Norway).

Guest lectures by Triine Friis Sørensen, Rebecca Mazzai and Joel Peterson.
InterArts Center, Malmø Sweden. Dec. 5th – Dec 16th 2011

-Series of lectures.
-Close readings in groups of assigned texts.
-Project: students will choose and occupy a space.
-Group critiques with Rebecca Mazzei, director of MOCA Detroit.
-Group critiques with Trine Friis Sørensen, curator currently pursuing a PhD at Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at University of Copenhagen.
-Lectures by Rebecca Mazzei, director of the Museum of Modern Art, Detroit US, and an improvised concert with Joel Peterson, a Detroit based sound artist/musician.
Gertrud Sandqvist, professor, Malmö Art Academy

Student projects

Students will choose and occupy a space. Produce an intervention in the space that alters its function, calls attention to its characteristics or transports it. Keeping in mind the differences and similarities of theater and architecture, the space could be inside or outside the teaching facilities. You can use digital tech if necessary, but we encourage analogue interventions. Since there is always a sound element in an installation, the intervention need not be exclusively and strictly a sound work.

Reading list:
*Boris Groys, “Politics of Installation”.
*Rosalind Krauss, “Sculpture in the Expanded Field”
*Miwon Kwon “One Place After Another: Notes on Site Specificity”
*Michael Asher “Writings 1973-1983 on Works 1969-1979”
*A A Bronson & Peggy Gale “Museums by Artists” (Worth reading all essays, but especially Daniel Buren, “Function of Architecture: Notes on work in connection with the places where it is installed”)
Marc Augé “From Places to Non-Places”
Michel Foucault “Of Other Spaces (1967), Heterotopias”
Gilles Deleuze “Against Phenomenology”
Nick Kaye “Site-Specific Art. Performance, place and documentation”
Simon Sadler “Archigram: Architecture without Architecture” (at least the first chapter)
Maria Lind “Re-Staging The Institution”
Tor Lindstrand “Express Yourself, Architecture as an Expanded Field”

Rafi Segal and Eyal Weizman “Occupation in Space and Time”

Workshop pictures:

Aeron Bergman + Alejandra Salinas lecturing

Aeron Bergman + Alejandra Salinas lecturing


Aeron Bergman + Alejandra Salinas lecturing

Aeron Bergman + Alejandra Salinas lecturing

Aeron Bergman + Alejandra Salinas lecturing

Trine Friis Sørensen lecture.

Vladas Suncovas presentation.

Lauri Eltermann presentation.

Ceclia Jonsson – plant growth projection.

Elin Vister ‘Waiting’…

Joel Peterson guitar concert.

Martinka Bobrikova and Oscar Decarmen ‘IKEA’ performance.

Visiting the Museum of Contemporeary Art, Roskilde