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Tromsø Course

May 26th, 2015

Mediated sound, music and art.

Lectueres: Gaute Barlindhaug & Per Martinsen
June 1st – June 5th. 2015

When the possibility of sound recording emerged in the late 19th century, it slowly changed our concept of sound, listening and the concepts of music. This seminar focuses on how sound art can be understood as a part of this development, focusing both on different technical approaches to sound creation and aesthetical discussions within the field of sound in a broad cultural context.

The practical part of the seminar will give and insight into different technologies used for synthesizing sound, techniques that has been used in contemporary art as well as music. This part will both include design of traditional sound production tools, and an introduction to more experimental techniques for interaction, significations and circuit bending. Though the workshop we will explore this different aspect through using different computer programs and hardware machines.

In the theoretical part we will focus on how sound actually can be understood, how it differs from other senses and how this have changed through history. Here, much of the focus will be on the shift between “music” and “sound”.  We will also touch upon how the sonic signatures of different recording and manipulation techniques have played a role in shaping our aesthetic. We will both look at traditional sound art and experimental musicians that work with noise and non-musical sounds.

Tromsø Academy of Fine Arts, Norway